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What is LightReach?
LightReach is a TPO (Third Party Ownership) solar energy plan. Instead of dealing with the challenges of rising interest rates and high upfront costs, LightReach offers lease and PPA (depending on the market) financing options so homeowners can benefit from solar savings in year-one.  In 2022, energy costs for the average American increased by 14.3% compared to 2021, mainly due to unforeseen rate hikes. LightReach’s TPO plan, however, sets a fixed rate escalator between 0.99% - 2.99% per kilowatt hour — protecting consumers from rate increases and creating long-term savings without the upfront costs.
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LightReach Features
With rates equal to or cheaper than our competitors, LightReach can help you convert more homeowners to solar and get paid faster.
A Low-Risk Alternative for Homeowners
The homeowner does NOT own the solar system (or qualify for state/federal incentive programs). Instead, they only invest in the energy plan. This means homeowners can enjoy a low-risk, hassle-free investment in clean energy. With LightReach, customers can have an energy plan on up to three of their properties.
Faster Approvals & Payouts
We prioritize speed to NTP with a swift and seamless credit approval process. During the fulfillment and installation phases, we make it easy for our certified installers to submit the information required to complete the project and get paid. We don't value repeat work.
Quality & Protection Guaranteed
A LightReach Energy Plan is a 25-year agreement with the homeowner. This agreement automatically includes proactive system monitoring, maintenance, and protection at no extra cost for the length of the agreement.
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Where can I use LightReach?
LightReach is currently available in the following states:
• Pennsylvania
• Texas
• Georgia
• Massachusetts
• Nevada
• California
• Florida
• North Carolina
• Colorado
• Arizona
• Michigan
• Ohio
• Illinois
• Rhode Island
Don’t see your state listed here? Stay tuned, we’ll be in more markets soon.
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Rent your solar. Keep your savings.
Want the benefits of solar without the cost of investment? Choose a no-buy LightReach energy plan and power your home with low rates, clean energy, and instant solar savings.
Don't sweat the big stuff
LightReach offers an innovative approach to home energy management for those who value the financial and environmental benefits of rooftop solar but want the ease of an affordable monthly plan.
Predictable monthly payments
Solar production and savings will vary throughout the year, but your payments don’t have to. Lock in a low monthly rate for solar and pay less to power your home.
Installation and maintenance included
Since LightReach owns the system, we hold the responsibility and will install, maintain, and service your system at no cost to you.
90% production guarantee
We stand by our product! If your solar panels don’t meet our 90% Production Guarantee, we’ll credit you the difference.
25-year protection
Easily track project aGet peace of mind with a comprehensive protection program, included with every LightReach energy plan.nd performance updates in your personal solar account.